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Vialafil-cr Gel (1oz) 30ml


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NEW Sexual Enhancement Gel for MenIntroducing the new VIALAFIL®-CR Sexual Enhancement Gel from Newton-Everett Biotech®.Boost the power of VIALAFIL® Capsules with the new VIALAFIL®-CR Gel for Men!VIALAFIL®-CR is a fast-acting male enhancement topical gel that guarantees to give you the...

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NEW Sexual Enhancement Gel for Men

Introducing the new VIALAFIL®-CR Sexual Enhancement Gel from Newton-Everett Biotech®.

Boost the power of VIALAFIL® Capsules with the new VIALAFIL®-CR Gel for Men!

VIALAFIL®-CR is a fast-acting male enhancement topical gel that guarantees to give you the performance exactly when and where you need it most. For maximum performance it is recommended to be used with VIALAFIL® Capsules.

VIALAFIL®-CR provides naturally occurring nutrients and compound extracts directly to the area of application via a revolutionary transdermal delivery system. The VIALAFIL®-CR transdermal delivery system will provide an increase in area tissue engorgement, and a reduced occurrence of premature ending.

Designed as a topical lotion, VIALAFIL®-CR is a fast acting solution formulated to increase blood flow and circulation to the male sexual organs. VIALAFIL®-CR is applied directly to the “source” where its vasodilation properties immediately activate and invigorate the sexual senses. Its soothing and lubricating effects will instantaneously delight any man wanting to add a spark to his sexual experience. VIALAFIL®-CR will help you achieve a more satisfying sex life.

The results that are obtained when using VIALAFIL®-CR: 

• Increased sex drive
• General stimulation of the sexual organs and increased sexual pleasure
• Larger and firmer erections
• Improved sexual satisfaction
• Powerful, Intense orgasms
• Increases blood circulation to the genitals
• Increased stamina

Nitric oxide (NO) is the newest and most effective means of increasing sexual performance in both normal males, and in males whose libidos are compromised. Researchers believe that nitric oxide “can correct up to 90% of all penile dysfunction." Erections are the result of an increase in blood supply to the penis. NO allows for the vasodialation required for an erection to occur and impotence can be caused by a lack of nitric oxide.

The second key compound in VIALAFIL®-CR (L-Arginine) is an oxidative precursor of nitric oxide, which reduces blood vessel stiffness, increases blood flow, and improves blood vessel function. VIALAFIL®-CR stimulates the release of nitric oxide from the walls of blood vessels, helping them naturally expand to promote healthy circulation. Nitric oxide is produced in response to arousal messages from the brain. It triggers the release of a compound that causes the smooth muscles of the spongy tissues inside the penis to relax, allowing the tissue to engorge with blood.

Normally, in the presence of sexual stimulation, blood flow is directed into pockets known as the corpus cavernosum, contained within the shaft of the penis. The resulting inflow of blood leads to the enlargement and stiffening of the penis. This engorgement is triggered by a short-lived neurotransmitter. Nitric oxide, synthesised from the oxidation of the amino acid arginine, activates an enzyme that manufactures cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which is a biochemical signaling enzyme. Under normal circumstances, cGMP directs the smooth muscle cells to relax, leading to the dilation of the penile arteries.

The third key ingredient in VIALAFIL®-CR (Epimedium Sagittatum) is used to increase libido in men and improve erectile function. It is a phyto-aphrodisiac that supports libido and erectile function by stimulating the nerves of the genitals. The active principle also increases the nitric oxide levels, which relax smooth muscle and this lets more blood flow to the penis.

VIALAFIL®-CR will immediately cause your erection to be firmer, will contribute to longer-lasting erection as well increased sexual pleasure. VIALAFIL®-CR will make your effort more enjoyable. Try it today.